"Marriage is to be held in honor among ALL…" - Hebrews 13:4a NASB


Mike and Wendy are ministry partners with Phil Downer, President of Discipleship Network of America and co-author of Unlimited Partnership: Building Intimacy & Teamwork Into Your Marriage, the book upon which the Behar's workshop ministry is based.

God doesn't want you to have a good marriage… He wants you to have an abundant marriage!

An Unlimited Partnership Marriage Workshop:

Session 1: Purpose

Becoming equipped to heal, enrich, and build your marriage relationship

Season 2: It Is Not Good For Man to be Alone

Learning how to identify and minister to the aloneness in your spouse's life

Season 3: Exploring Relational & Intimacy Needs

Discovering the unique relational and intimacy needs of you and your spouse

Season 4: Dimensions of Intimacy

Learning what authentic intimacy looks like

Season 5: The Emotional Cup

Discovering how God can heal our "issues"

Season 6: Guarding Your Marriage

Putting safeguard in place to protect and nurture your relationship with your spouse

Season 7: Understanding "Great Commanding Love"

Becoming friends, lovers, and saints

Through these workshops you'll experience how to:

Ask and answer questions such as, "what does God desire for my marriage?"

Identify relationship needs, such as attention, affection, and respect

Emotionally care for one another

Strengthen oneness is spirits, soul, and body

Resolve painful emotion such as hurt, anger, and guilt

Leave behind hurt from family-of-origins so you are free to experience intimacy with your spouse

Give and receive genuine appreciation

Communicate honestly and lovingly

What We Do

Mike, Wendy and the Unlimited Discipleship Ministries team are
available for:

Conference Speaking
Men, Women, Youth or Couple Retreats
Seminar Speaking
Marriage Workshops
One-on-One Marriage Discipleship


Book A Workshop

To attend an Unlimited Partnership Workshop near you, or to learn how to bring one to your area, contact Mike & Wendy Behar at:

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